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Based in Los Angeles • Available Anywhere in the USA

All In One Trucks

All-in-One-Truck Package Includes:

• Lighting (HMI, Tungsten, Kino-flo, LED) (More info)

• Complete Grip Package
(More info)

• 25ft Jimmy Jib w/ Remote Head
(More info)

• Round-D-Round Dolly w/ 30ft of Track
(More info)

• Speed-Rail Rigging
(More info)

• Slider (16 wheels w/ 4ft, 6ft, 8ft, & 12ft Track)

• Production Office w/ DIT Station
(More info)

• Make-up Room & Restroom

• Walkie Talkies (20 - UHF CP200s)
(More info)

• Wifi Hotspot & Printer

• Expendables & More!!!


(More info)


Camera Car and Process Trailer


Camera Car w/ Jib





Call for a Quote 888-81-TRUCK (888-818-7825)

See the value a jib can add to your production...

Raw Un-Edited Footage shot by Kelly Herrin on the Jimmy Jib III.

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"Kelly is the best! He's gaffed and provided the grip and light, walkies, jib arm, generator, production office, etc., on my last twenty or so movies. I can't make a movie without him. He's professional, incredibly knowledgable and, most importantly, highly moral."

Michael Feifer, Producer/Director/Writer

"We were very happy with Kelly and his crew. They exceeded our expectations and provided top-notch service. We plan on using him again and I have no concerns recommending him."

Brady Lane, Harley-Davidson

Kelly Herrin is the go to guy for all your Los Angeles production needs.

"Hollywood" Heard, Producer/Director/DP

"Kelly is a highly skilled technician in every aspect of film crew from DP to grip, and can wear any hat he is asked to. HIs work shines especially, though, when given a creative challenge. Need a tricky rig? Want a really cool shot that's not in the budget? Kelly knows how to make it happen. HIs equipment is all in excellent condition, and whatever snafu situation you might find yourself in, Kelly will likely have a solution."

Scott David Russell, Director

“Kelly is the best rigger I know,... besides me” ;-)

Jon Dwyer, Key Grip/Rigger

“If you're looking for "that guy" who can save your bacon on a shoot, Kelly's the one to call. MacGyver-like skills and a truck full of lighting, grip, rigging, RED camera, jib and more, make him the most valuable member of any production team. Before you call in a production crew, call Kelly. You'll find your crew and equipment needs will shrink significantly when you hire his "All-In-One-Truck."”

Bill Ennis, Media Magic

“Awesome!!! You are the king of rigging!!”

Hollywood Heard, Gaffer

We used Kelly and his "all-in-one-truck" for our very first production. Without him, it wouldn't have been nearly as successful. The entire crew was amazed at how much equipment he kept pulling from the truck. If you're like us, and have a low to no budget, do like we did and use most of it on Kelly. You'll be glad you did.

Kirk & Joni B.

"To the grip and lighting department, you guys rocked the house. Kelly's leadership and rock solid command of the crew was a sight to behold. They suffered through long cold nights and challenging setups. Their tirelessness is truly a benchmark for all of us to aim toward."


Robert Sanders.

...but in addition to all the great people working on our set, Kelly has really shone. He is the "lighting guy," but he's much more than that. He has an amazing truck, which you can find at He has his own jib, a crapload of lighting equipment, walkie-talkies, and ... well, just look at his website. He even has simple stuff like Windex. The guy comes prepared. He was very professional, knew exactly what needed to be done, and didn't slack off for even a second. The first night, he looked like a ghostbuster (you had to see it) and at one point last weekend, he taught Barb what he meant by asking for a Hollywood Combo Triple with a Lollipop.

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You are so awesome I tell everyone I can about you. By the way, we want to credit you as gaffer and co-director. I hope you're ok wih that. I'm not kidding. Everyone who worked on set said "hell yeah", if it wasn't for him you would not have a film.

Be well and keep in touch,



I just wanted to thank you again for working with us on our Driver's Ed. DVD. The only thing better than your truck is your knowledge of film production. You really saved us out there on the race track. Any time we needed supplies or thought we forgot something, you had it ready for us on the truck. Also, your makeup room and office area were exactly what we needed. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an extensive production/lighting/grip package at a very reasonable price. Thanks again, and I look forward to working with you on the next project.


Jason S.

Hi Kelly,

I was one of the makeup artist from the Pleasantville Pilot in Sierra Madre. It was nice working with you. You sure made our job very easy and very comfortable. And you are one of the most hard working person I ever worked with. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to work with you again.

Take care,

Gwen T.

Kelly is the Bomb! If you have any questions about a small film you're thinking about making... this is the brain to pick!

Brian Gramo,

Hey Kelly its Charles,

I just wanted to say Thank you for all your help on Sat. You're the best, and l'm looking forward to working with you again next Sat on the music video downtown LA. I'll keep you posted!

Charles C.


This is Jess. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I'm still very impressed by the business you run. I show all my friends the brochure for your trailer and we all want them now. Anyway, I'm writing to thank you for being so friendly on the set. Thanks so much Kelly! Hope everything's going well for you.


Jess B.


I love the all-in-one concept. It was perfect for the Phoenix shoot. Grip and lighting gear, gaffer services, jib-arm, make-up area, craft service support, wireless internet access, editing. And thanks for hauling all our gear down there as well. You're going to be very successful. Are you available next sunday?

Mike K.

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