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Examples of Kelly's Rigging

Low angle camera dolly for off camber POV shots.

Actor support to emulate Harley ride for ECU.

Camera mount rigged for side of car.

Libra Head mount rigged to rear of All-in-One-Truck Camera Car.

Libra Head mount rigged to front of All-in-One-Truck Camera Car.

Bungee Camera Rigging on Client's Polaris Ranger Crew for RED Camera.

Cartoni Lambda Head Rigged for one of two RED Camera's mounted to the All-in-One-Truck Camera Car.

DSLR Camera mounted to my RC Car Rig, for a "Dogs POV" shot.

RED mounted to my Motorcycle Camera Bike .

RED Camera Mounted to a Roller Coaster Rig.

Jimmy Jib Head mounted to Dolly for a 180 dutch roll.

Camera mounted sideways to follow creature as he climbs the "Elevator" shaft.

DP operates on 8' "Slider" mounted to rear of camera car.

Car Mount rigged to shoot front of Jeep.

Jimmy Jib rigged in boat for RED Camera mount .

Hood Mount with floppy to cut glare in camera.

Hosted Tray Mount Rigged to hold RED Camera.

Hood Mount rigged to avoid camera reflection in vertical windshield.

RED Camera mounted to barstool rig for 720 rotation.

Backseat Hostess Tray rigged for camera to mount above drivers head.

Motorcycle rigged to mount RED Camera for ECU of rider.

Trunk mount for 3 camera rig to shoot background plates.

Jimmy Jib mounted on rear of All-in-One-Truck Camera Car.

Fish tank "underwater" camera rig.

Mini van rigged with camera mount for use as insert car.

Menace Arm rigged on rooftop to replicate sun.

Vertical Camera "Slider" Rig.

Camera/Teleprompter rigged to wheel chair for long "Walk & Talk" dolly shot.

Camera mounted to rig that follows beer glass.

Overhead Camera Dolly Rig.

Camera Mounts for Leo Leporte's new grid I installed in the TWIT Cottage.

Insert Car Rigging suspends camera over opposing traffic.

Hood Mount rigged to hold RED Camera high overhead.

Underslung Camera "Slider" Rig.

Hood Mount & Hostess Tray Camera/Light rig.